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HOCVR is an immersive and engaging cross-device multi-core metaverse bringing businesses, creators, and the public together within the same niches. It’s the platform for startups to build their presence while welcoming everyone to become citizens & creating a world where collaboration & engagement are easy.

It’s limited by size and powered by expanding ecosystem making it not only exciting for investors, but also for those who seek new avenues to grow audiences. We have a clear roadmap to become the number one destination in the startup world. Welcome to the HOCVR!

  • HOC – Niche themed well organized outposts at centers of WOC concentrations forms a strong multi-core VR realm
  • WOC- The world surrounding outposts. Build whatever you want & be strengthened by an audience sharing the same interests
    Brings-in regular visitors & drives up popularity
    For entertainment & commercial purposes
    Generates revenue & grows audience
    Keeps people engaged & coming back
  • LOCATION OPTIMIZATION AI Keeps the metaverse buzzing
    We have it on the core!


Establish your VR presence in the HOC space located at the outpost themed similar with your business, and expand it to the WOC world by constructing for example a shiny showroom, thrilling test track or HQ.

Network and arrange events from workshops to product launches, and let bots groom visitors to revenue-generating customers.

Welcome to the new era of business inside an increasingly interoperable HOCVR metaverse. It’s time to reserve your space and show you are more innovative than your competitors who were left on the earth!


Become the front-runner attracting a whole new audience while discovering exciting ways to do business! Invite your customers to meet you in the VR and showcase your products & services in a new way. Get them engaged & convert to sales!


Take early advantage of emerging metaverse e-commerce and use the HOCVR to grow sales. We don’t take a cut of your bread, your sales are yours.


Get the audience interested exactly in your niche. Use engagement data to validate ideas, find services, financing, etc., and discover the power of being a part of the growing startup & business community.

UTILIZE & BUILD SHOWROOMS, SHOPS, experiences, venues, WORK SPACES, plus more!

Need help setting up your metaverse presence?

We are ready to help you to set up a stunning presence. We know how to decorate the HOC space & create the WOC world that strengthens your brand, or maybe you need a meeting room that can be accessed only by your staff or customers you invite?

Even if you don’t know how to mint NFT, no problem, you can outsource property management to our agents, and they’ll arrange everything for you.


The power of HOCVR is based on communities of startups, businesses, creators, and people who share the same interests. HOC spaces and WOC parcels are arranged based on themes & niches, which create evergreen audiences not to mention networking with citizens from other niches. As the roadmap advances, you can even automate mingling with your visitors by utilizing AI bots and incentivized engagement. That’s pure gold for any business.


Gaming & VR markets are worth billions and billions, but usually, people are allowed only to spend. HOCVR turns the tables being a win-win for creators, visitors, and businesses alike. Thanks to the circular ecosystem & community token, there are multiple ways to earn for everyone.

Of course, HOCVR is not only about earning. It’s all based on creating, curating, sharing, collaborating, entertainment & education, and building communities sharing the same interests.

Furthermore, as an NFT and/or token owner, you are entitled to a seat in the Senate & govern through the DAO sitting at the same table with the most visionary executives. It’s time to mint your space while available. Welcome to your world!


In the HOC you can create either a public space or by utilizing token gating choose who will have access to your home sweet home. In the WOC you can construct whatever you wish from the castle to a race track and a private ranch to Moonbase for the community of your next NFT project!


There’s nothing more exciting than being able to create without restrictions and monetize your properties & collaborate with businesses. Let it be an event, a game, an art exhibition, a DJ club, or a fantasy world, you can do it and enjoy the passive revenue streams your world generates!


As an NFT owner, you can earn rent. As a token owner, you will earn rewards. You can also earn by utilizing the View-to-Earn ads system as well as paid incentives not to mention play-to-earn games, and possible increase of assets value.

Create games, WORLDS, hangouts, EXHIBITIONS, CONCERTS, CLUBS, plus more!


As a creator, grab your piece of the HOCVR, decorate your space, create your world, amaze your audience, get new sponsor deals, monetize your properties, and grow your followers. Of course, you can also create stunning worlds for selling purposes, or build them for companies.

Did we already say you can not only monetize your world easily but also make it sustainable? You can fight climate change by allowing visitors to plant VR trees with real-world CO2-absorbing twins on your parcels.

Unity support

The WOC parcels are worth gold as they are free to build. You can import FBX & USD models and utilize full compatibility with Unity – one of the leading 3D engines, allowing for example realistic physics and stunning effects, and creating games. Of course, you can use 3D Max, Blender, etc., or import sketchfab models.

The freedom to create utilizing the best tools is the core of the HOCVR, and it separates us from others. Impossible is unknown!


Thrilling worlds full of entertainment, games, education, information, products, services, events and much more to discover while you can earn at every visit & cultivate your avatar!

  • Immerse yourself in entertaining & informative events, and play stunning games.
  • Discover exciting products & services, get exclusive deals, and connect with your favorite brands.
  • Become a member of the Earn-to-Visit Guild, earn by viewing ads & interacting.
  • Cultivate your avatar’s traits & abilities, and get rewarded or sell it for profit. Discover & collect mystery boxes & complete missions.
  • Take part on sweepstakes & competitions, get fame and win NFT art & design & event awards.
  • Fight climate change by planting virtual trees with real-world twins which absorb CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Curate content, comment, and take an advantage of the Share-to-Earn message app & get paid to spread the word!


The metaverse as a concept is at its early stages, making it a potential opportunity to invest in. The HOCVR combines battle-tested concepts with emerging tech catering for businesses, startups, and creators. That forms a buzzing ecosystem with explosive potential. Give a few minutes for the Pitch Deck, understand what we are creating, and make your decision to own a part of the future matrix!

Virtual land prices have soared thousands of percent, but HOCVR is much more, and growth is build-in. There’s no doubt, HOCVR will be sold out. Minting happens through OpenSea. You don’t want to miss the earliest opportunity to mint as prices go up round after round.



There’s a unique opportunity equally for venture capital, startups, and individuals to get involved in the HOCVR at an early stage. Whether you are an investor looking for a potential project or business willing to take an unfair advantage over competitors by utilizing metaverse in sales & marketing & brand building or a person ready to immerse & engage in the exciting Visit-to-Earn VR, be sure to mint your HOC space(s) while they are available.

✓ Value Increase

✓ Earn Rewards

✓ Monetize

✓ Earn Rent

Most popular choice


Own spaces at themed outposts

  • 1×1 space at mall
  • Decorate as a store, office, showroom, or your private place
  • Use by yourself, monetize or rent
  • Only 15.000 spaces exists
  • Each space entitles to first refusal to mint two parcels
  • Import USD & FBX models such as products & decoration
  • Comes with an airdrop of tokens, mint early, receive more!
  • Available on Ethereum and BSC blockchains
  • Mint & trade @ OpenSea or our native NFT marketplace
Coming soon…


Own land on the free-to-build world

  • 4×4 parcel outside
  • Max number of WOC NFTs 45.000
  • Create buildings, environments and even games
  • Use by yourself, monetize or rent
  • 30.000 reserved for space holders, 15.000 for public mint
  • Import USD & FBX models such as buildings, products & decoration
  • Available on Ethereum and BSC blockchains
  • Mint & trade @ OpenSea or our native NFT marketplace
Most popular choice


Native currency of the ecosystem

  • Max supply
  • ERC20 (ETH) & BEP-20 (BNB Smart Chain)
  • 2% Transaction reward (paid in $XXGAU)
  • 2% Automatic Liquidity Pool
  • 5% of NFT sales & royalties used buy back & burn XXHOC
  • 60% of max supply owned by the community
  • Fair launch @ XXSale
  • Buy & trade @ Pancakeswap and increasing number of exchanges


HOCVR metaverse consists of HOC outposts and the WOC world. Outposts are located at the centers of the world. The metaverse, including outposts and parcels, are arranged based on their primary themes such as Games, Business, Blockchains, Sustainability, etc., creating concentrations of similar interest groups.

Outposts are places for startups and businesses to showcase their services and products while offering users an exciting way to discover & interact, and create their own home sweet home within the theme they are most interested in!

There are 15.000 outpost spaces in total, and each HOC NFT is an owner certificate of one 10m x 10m space. Spaces can be decorated as showrooms, shops or private rooms, etc., and include an optional teleport to your WOC parcel!

The WOC is the free-to-build world surrounding outposts. There are no spaces, but 45.000 80m x 80m parcels for which you can build whatever you want. It’s possible for example import FBS and USD models of whole buildings and place them on the parcel, giving free hands in what comes to creating your presence or even games.

The metaverse has also the Senate, which is the governance center of the whole HOCVR as well as stunning event stages, and other special locations.

You can mint NFTs using Ethereum cryptocurrency at OpenSea or HOCVR Marketplace. You can buy ETH using your Credit Card for example inside your Metamask wallet. For detailed instructions, please click here.

We are working hard to sunrise the whole HOCVR step by step. We’ve already implemented beta versions of the HOCVR cross-device metaverse application, Space Manager, and Ads Manager as well as integrated Ready Player Me Avatars, HOCVR Marketplace, and NFT & Token Staking dApps, etc. Please check the Roadmap for the general timeline. We encourage you to also join our Discord & Telegram to stay updated about the latest news, especially if you decided to invest in HOCVR spaces and/or tokens. We have a lot of thrilling updates and announcements coming!

You can already mint, buy and sell HOC space NFTs on the OpenSea and HOCVR Marketplace. You can establish a metaverse presence with the HOC space. The Space Manager is very easy to use. It allows you to place items such as desks, chairs, terminals, etc., in the HOC space. You can add your images/slide shows or videos on wall displays, and link from your space to your dApp, website, or store. Of course, you can invite visitors to your space and arrange meetings, workshops, or events there or use any of the bigger event spaces. You can also beta test Ads Manager, and put your ads visible through the WOC outposts! That is just the early start, but it’s proof that our tech works. Now, it’s the perfect time to secure your property in the emerging free-to-build future!

We’re fully aware not everyone is comfortable with using cryptos or it might be impossible for businesses in some cases. However, we wish to make building a Metaverse presence possible for everyone. Therefore, we have Authorized Agents, who sell NFTs with fiat, i.e., EUR or USD. Furthermore, they offer virtual property management. That can be useful if you want to establish a metaverse presence without the technical hassle. Click Here to view Authorized HOCVR Agents and buy your virtual property as easily as you can buy a t-shirt online!

HOCVR is a metaverse utilizing blockchains, built on community governance and DeFI principles. We’re currently based in Finland and Estonia. However, we’re seeking the best location for the legal structure, and looking for input from venture capital funds as we need to consider carefully the best interest of all stakeholders. The team holds in total no more than 12% of community tokens nor NFTs while the community-governed DAO owns 2500 HOC and 7500 WOC NFTS and XX% of the total supply of tokens. For more details, look at the Pitch Deck.


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